What is the capacity
of each tent?

We can comfortably seat 72 guests and accommodate 100 standing guests in one tipi tent. We can join any number of tents together giving lots of different options. Just let us know your requirements and we can help with floor plans to show you what is possible.

Can you supply toilets?

Sure thing! Based on the number of anticipated guests we can propose a suitable toilet solution.

Can you help with power supply?

If your event is taking place in a location with no direct power supply we can bring in a generator.


How much space do
the tipi tents need?

For each tipi tent we require a level area measuring 14 meters in diameter. Normally a quick site visit is needed to make sure the proposed location is suitable and that access is possible.

Do the tipi tents
need cooling?

It really depends on the time of year and the nature of your event. We can install air conditioning in the warmer months to make your guests more comfortable.

Are the tipi tents
flame resistant?

Yes – all of our tents have been specially treated to make them flame resistant. Ask us if you need more details on this.