Audio Visual.

Many of our events require a sophisticated AV setup for speeches and presentations. From much experience we can advise you on what works well in this unique atmosphere.


On a basic level we can help with furniture. We stock items such as cocktail tables, dining tables, and lounge seating. We have many other items designed to work well in the tipi tents too. Some setups require customized soft furnishing to fit with a corporate identity or theme, this is our kind of thing and we are on hand to help.



Durable matt flooring is often the first choice for our clients. It is very hard wearing and quick to install meaning you don’t have to worry about it. Depending on the location a hard floor may be more suitable. We also stock a hard flooring solution, which we can provide for your event.


Open Fires.

In keeping with the tipi tents ambience an open fire adds a great centre point to an event. Our fireplaces are timber framed with a sheet metal firebox that sits on top so that the base of the fire is at hip height. Maybe an ice sculpture is more suitable in the summer though.


Finishing Touches.

Attention to small detail is important to us. Finishing touches to décor make a big impact. We stock many items that work well for different types of event. Just let us know the feel you are going for so we can help out.